Dance Southern Rose Waltz 17791

Waltz · 24 bars · 1 couple · Round the room   (Progression: Nonprogressive)

Devised by
Larry E. Taylor (2008)
= 100% (whole dance)
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Couples take positions around the ...

Couples take positions around the perimeter of the dance floor with gents having their backs toward the center; the line of dance is anticlockwise. Gents dance forward on the left foot and ladies dance forward on the right foot.

Dance in waltz hold. The pattern is also danced free; that is, dance in the available space as other dancers dance either the same or another waltz pattern.

The crib uses ceilidh terminology, and is provisional; it is waiting to be rewritten using SCD terminology.

Edition of December 25, 2008

Southern Rose Waltz 1RR · W24

Cpls form big circle, M inside and facing P. The line of dance is cclw.(M dance forward on L foot, W on R foot.)

slide three times (1-2, 1-2, 1-2) in the line of dance (that is, M dances left and W dances right) then lightly tap (never stomp) both heels twice at the same time (that is, up on the toes, down on the heels);
turn the W clockwise twice in-place
repeat the slides and taps above
house in-place making one revolution
with M reversing, walk, walk, walk, walk
with W reversing, walk, walk, walk, walk
step to the center 1-2-tap front and tap behind (same foot, W right, M left)
house in-place making one revolution

repeat as desired.

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