Dance The Duke of Gordon's Welcome to Aberdeen 1789

This dance is too involved to be placed on a Ball programme; it is essentially a demonstration dance. However MiniCrib has now provided a crib for it.

The dance has five figures:
Fig. 1: 64 bars
Fig. 2: 32 bars
Fig. 3: 32 bars
Fig. 4: 16 bars
Fig. 5: 32 bars

This dance was collected by Mrs MacNab but from a Mr Graham Forbes of Hamilton, Ontario who was taught it by his Grandfather in Scotland.

The Duke of Gordon's Welcome to Aberdeen 4S · R176

Fig. 1

Ladies advance, 1L+3L turning to Right to form diag line (1L+2L & 4L+3L facing each other) & set. Ladies dance 1/2 reel of 4. End facing opp. man
Ladies dance out and into opp. man's place (4 bars). Men dance in and turn to face Ladies (11-12)
Couples set to each other and turn to form square set
Repeat 1-16 back to places (1L+3L turning to Left to form line on other diagonal)
Repeat 1-32 with Men making the diagonal lines

Fig. 2

Ladies step back and kneel
Men set, petronella turn, double setting or high cuts
Repeat 1-8 back to places. Bar 32 Men finish facing partners (who stand up)

Fig. 3

All set twice; Men turn partner RH & move on anticlockwise to next Lady
Repeat 3 more times, Men turning each Lady until back in original places

Fig. 4

Men kneel
Ladies dance 1 place round anticlockwise towards next Man & they set
Repeat 3 more times until back in original places. Men stand up

Fig. 5

All set to partner & turn 1/4 RH into allemande hold facing anticlockwise
All promenade 1/2 round & form »longways set« 3 2 4 1
All dance full Petronella figure (set to partner & Petronella turn 4 times)
All set to partner & turn 1/4 RH into allemande hold facing anticlockwise; All promenade 1/2 round & reform original square set

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Murrough Landon
Added on: May 8, 2020, 5:56 p.m.
Quality: Demonstration quality

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