Dance Moonpath 17890

Strathspey · 48 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 3142)

Devised by
Isabel Neves
  • Highland Schottische, Strathspey travel
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Recommended Music

Moonpath 4/4L · S48

1s followed by 2s, 3s and 4s cast to the bottom of the set, meet partner and dance up. On bar 8, 1s and also 3s turn towards each other and face down, to end all up/down the middle, 1s facing 2s and 3s facing 4s
1s+2s and 3s+4s dance “The Rondel” (2s, 1s, 4s, 3s)
2s and 1s turn partner with both hands and face up
2s and 1s, facing up, set using HS setting step WHILE 4s and 3s turn partner with both hands and face up
2s, followed by 1s, cast to 4th and 3rd place WHILE 4s, followed by 3s, dance up to 1st and 2nd place and set to the right, using HS setting step
4s and 3s complete the HS setting step; 4s, followed by 3s, cast to 2nd and 1st place (3s, 4s, 1s, 2s)
4s+1s dance “The Ring”
8H round and back

The Ring formation:

Pass partner RSh and turn right to face partner in the middle
Pull back RSh and dance to opposite sides, ladies facing up and men facing down
Chase ½ way (3s, 1s, 4s, 2s)

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NameDateOwnerLast changed
Curia Weekend 2017 - Gala Ball 2017-12-02 Isabel Neves Aug. 10, 2017, 1:30 p.m.

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