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Dance Golden Gala Tangle 17964

Strathspey · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 231)

Devised by
Holly Boyd (2016)
880/888/822/808 = 71% (whole dance)
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
Published in
Golden Gala Tangle 3/3L · S32
1c+2c Rose Progression : 1W+2M change place RH | chase 1 place clw ; turn BH ½, face and cast away while{8} 1M+2W set | turn BH ½, face and cast away | chase 1 place clw] (2,1,3)
Reels3 on sides, 1c RSh to 2c. 1c face 1cnrs
SetH&G. On [23–24] Petronella turn to 2pl (2,1,3)
1c+3c The Tournée (2,3,1)
Golden Gala Tangle 3/3L · S32
1c+2c dance Rose Progression
2c+1c+3c R3 on sides, 1c Rsh to 2c. At the end of the reel, 1c pass Lsh to face 1st cnrs (1W thru 2nd place, 1M up btwn 3s)
1c dance Hello/Goodbye with petronella turn to 2nd place own side
1c+3c dance the tournee 2,3,1
Golden Gala Tangle 3/3L · S32

1s+2s dance Rose Progression:

1-2 1M+2L facing in diagonally set while 2M+1L change places RH to face out

3-4 1M+2L 1/2 turn 2H to face each other as 1L+2M dance into partners place

5-6 1M+2L cast into each others place as 1L+2M 1/2 turn 2H to face each other

7-8 1M+2L dance into 2nd/1st place own side while 2M+1L cast to right to new places, 1M faces out. 2 1 3


Reels of 3 on sides, 1s RSh to 2s to start, 1s pass LSh to face 1st corners (1L through 2nd place, 1M from between 3s)


1s dance ‘Hello-Goodbye’ setting & Petronella to 2nd place own side


1s+3s dance Tournee:

1s+3s dance into prom hold (Men with prtnr on right, 1s face M’s side & 3s L’s side), couples 1/2 wheel anticl’wise & Men turn Ladies into middle, both couples turn 1.1/2 times (3s RH, 1s LH) & dance out to places. 2 3 1

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Holly Boyd
Added on: April 7, 2023, 3:29 a.m.
Quality: Good

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