Dance Hleka Bafazi 18000

Reel · 64 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: 4123)

Devised by
Andrew Hodgson (2016)
8888/8888/8888/8888/8888/8888/8888 = 100% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
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Hleka Bafazi is the Xhosa ...

Hleka Bafazi is the Xhosa and Zulu name for a Southern African bird called the Green Wood-Hoopoe. This name is derived from the call that the bird makes which sounds like a group of woman merrily going about their business.Translated into English it means "Laughing Woman". This dance is a tribute to all the women who have made meaningful contributions to my Scottish Country dancing. Amongst the laughing women I include Joan Evans, Terry McBurnie, Rose McMillan, Helen Frame, Urisa Reungsuwan, Coral Epton, Kim Mills and of course my wife Heather.

Hleka Bafazi 4S · R64

All M ½ RHA while{2} All W chase cclw 1pl | All M turn W LH ; All M ½ RHA while{2} All W chase cclw 1pl | All M turn W LH 1 ¼, finish M facing out
Intersecting La-Chain, finish M facing out
M dancing behind W on R, LHA ½ ; turn P RH 1 ¾, finish W facing out
Shiehallion reel, finish facing P (3,4,1,2)
Gr-Chain, 2 bars per hand (to 1,2,3,4). On [48] all turn P LH ¾, finish M in middle facing P
Interlocking Poussette [All dance as 1st cpl in normal Poussette but on [54] all dance ¼ turn instead of ½, then retire, curving slightly, to finish on the diagonals facing in
Circle8 and back moving 1pl clw (4,1,2,3)

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