Dance Barbara White's Diamond Strathspey 18966

Strathspey · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 231)

Devised by
Stuart Ross (2009)
800/844/844/804 = 54% (whole dance)
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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Extra info
Found on the RSCDS Cheshire ...

Found on the RSCDS Cheshire website, 2018-10-14

This dance was presented to Barbara White at the 25th Anniversary Ball of RSCDS Cheshire Branch on 10th January 2009. Its purpose is to honour Barbara and thank her for her service to the RSCDS and to the Cheshire Branch. She is a founder member of the Cheshire Branch and has been an RSCDS member for over sixty years.

Barbara White's Diamond Strathspey 3/3L · S32

1c cross RH, cast off (2c up) ; dance between 3c and cast up to (2,1x,3)
1c+3cnrs ½ diag. Reel4, pass Lsh into ; 1c+4cnrs ½ diag Reel4 (3x,1,2x)
Diag R&L, at end 1c face 3c in the middle NHJ (2,1,3)
1c set to 3c | 1c turn inwards and cast to 3pl while 3c dance up to 2pl ; 1c turn BH (2,3,1)

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