Dance Dancing The Baby 19137

See also: Dancing the Baby (3/4L, Boyd: Strathtay)

Reel · 72 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: OnceOnly)

Devised by
Gaye Collin (2017)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
  • Note: This list may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
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This may also be danced ...

This may also be danced as a medley of 72 bars Reel and 72 bars Strathspey. 2C & 4C begin the Strathspey which finishes with eight hands round to the left for 3 bars, pivot left and 8 hands round to the left to original places

Dancing The Baby 4S · R72

May be danced as Medley(72R+72S)

1s+3s Set+Link to finish facing clockwise. 1L+3L followed by ptnr dance clockwise outside and around side couples & finish facing them in the middle of the set (1L facing 2L, 1M facing 2M, 3L facing 4L, 3M facing 4M)
1s+2s & 3s+4s dance RH across. 1s+3s then snake chase around each other to the left to finish in each other's positions while on bar 12 2M+4M pull back LSh & turn partners LH
2s+4s repeat bars 1-16 to finish all couples facing in
Ladies dance RH across 3 places, rotate on the spot (pulling back RSh on bar 36) to face Man . All set & change places LH (Ladies finish on outside facing in, Men face in)
Men dance RH across 3 places, rotate on the spot (pulling back RSh). All set, turn ptnr 3/4 LH to finish in a square (end Lady on Man's left, Men facing in, Ladies facing out)
All dance 3/4 reverse Schiehallion reel (3 places to left & Ladies follow Men) to end in original places
All 1/2 turn ptnr LH to finish facing in, all set
8 Hands round & back

Medley: Strathspey starts with 2s&4s, end bars 65-72: 8H round to left, all pivot (pull back LSh) & circle 8H round to right, back to places

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Zoltán Gräff
Added on: Jan. 27, 2020, 11:33 a.m.
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Zoltán Gräff
Added on: Feb. 18, 2020, 10:07 a.m.
Quality: Demonstration quality

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