Dance If You Ever Get There 19394

Reel · 40 bars · 5 couples · Longwise - 5   (Progression: 51234)

Devised by
Moira Turner (2017)
80008/88888/88888/80448/88884 = 78% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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If You Ever Get There 5/5L · R40

1c & 5c cast in (2c & 4c out) | cross LH ; cast LSh round 2cnr & end facing 1cnr RSh to P
Dance to corners and set if you get there:
9-10: Dancers in centre change places with 1cnrs passing RSh, 1cnrs pass RSh to face 2cnrs while 2cnrs set in 1W[pos] & 5M[pos]
11-12: New dancers in centre repeat with 2cnrs while those now in 1M[pos] & 5W[pos] set
13-24: Repeat pattern of [9-12] three more times, setting only in 1pl & 5pl. 1M & 5M never reach the far corners. 4c, 3c & 2c end in 1plx, 3plx, 5plx. 1c & 5c end facing 1cnrs, M in top half, W in bottom half of set, 5c facing up, 1c down
5M & 1W, each followed by P, dance out nearest side, cast LSh round 3c & cross to (4x,1x,3x,5x,2x)
4c+1c+3c+5c ½ Reels4 on sides (5x,3x,1x,4x,2x)
3c+1c & 4c+2c S&Link, on [36] 3c & 2c pass RSh to (5x,1x,2x,3x,4x)
All set | cross to (5,1,2,3,4) with 5c & 4c facing out for the repeat

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