Dance Reel Numbers 19639

Strathspey · 32 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by
Andrew Hodgson (2019)
8000/8800/8884/8448 = 59% (whole dance)
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Extra info
This dance is for Christopher ...

This dance is for Christopher Gilmour and Fiona McCutcheon in celebration of their 70th birthdays in 2019.

This dance recognizes their contribution to dancing in Cape Town at club as well as RSCDS Branch level. They are both members of the Lynfrae “Reel Eight” Committee, Chris in role of Chair and Fiona as Treasurer. They additionally serve on the RSCD Branch Committee with Fiona as the current Secretary.

They both enjoy numbers and teaching others things mathematical. Chris is Emeritus Professor at University of Cape Town having spent 42 years in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics before retiring in 2014. Fiona holds a Bsc (Hons.) Mathematics and currently coaches high-school maths.

The dance portrays a sequence of real numbers starting with 1 couple then 2s joining in then progressively including the 3s and 4s. The name “Reel Numbers” (and not “Real Numbers”) in intentional and not a typo as Chris is fond of word play.

Reel Numbers 4/4L · S32

1c Fig8 round 2c, finish BtoB on own side facing 2c
1c+2c Reel4 across, 2c finish in 1pl facing inand 1c in 2pl facing out (2,1,3,4)
2c+1c+3c ½ Reels3 on sides, 1c start out and down (3,1,2,4) ; ½ Reels4 on sides, 3c+2c start in and down (4,2,1,3)
4c+2c & 1c+3c turn opposite EH (M RH, W LH) 1½ on the sides ; 4c+1c turn opposite 1½ on sides (M LH, W RH) (2,3,4,1)

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