Dance Coronadance 19899

Coronadance 4S · R48

All couples set and link twice (the “crown” of the virus)
1M followed by 1W chase toward 4th position; on bar 11 the 1s dance into 4th position as 4th man followed by 4th woman chase towards 3rd position; on bar 13 the 4th couple dance into 3rd position as 3rd man followed by 3rd woman chase towards 2nd position; on bar 15 3rd couple dance into 2nd position as 2nd man dances towards 1st position and loops in and 2nd woman dances to 1st womans place. On bar 16 all men dance in and finish back to back in the center. The Shape is that of a progressive schiehallion. (The spreading) .
Men dance six bars setting as in crown triangles (no hands), while W set, petronella turn to the right, set
All petronella turn changing place with own partner to finish Women, back to back in the center facing their partners.
Repeat bars 17-22
2M, 3M, 4M set while 2W, 3W 4W petronella turn to the side and 1s set curving left to finish inside the set, hands joined (The Development) 4 1 2 3.
1s dance all around one couple poussette (The quarantine).
All circle (no hands) to the left, pivot and circle back giving hands to new places (Back to Normal).
Crib prepared by the deviser

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no hands (minimal hands) Diana Hastie March 10, 2020, 10:44 a.m.

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