Dance Pieces of Eight 20065

See also: Pieces of Eight (3/4L, Wilkins: Woodside), Pieces of Eight (4/4L, Cook: Imp 4-5+)

Jig · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 231)

Devised by
Rod Downey (2020)
800/880/808/800 = 50% (whole dance)
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Devised 4/3/2020, as ...

Devised 4/3/2020, as a relatively simple fugal dance with the movement of “Ladies of Dunse” as a basis. Note also that it is a palindrome, so I could have called it the “The Palindrome of Dunse”. Whilst it is not difficult, the dancers will need to concentrate like they do with e.g. “The Stow Alert”. The tandem figure of eight movements need the leading couples not to be tardy. Recommended tune is “The Dancing Master” and a good recording is from the CD “Jig for Joy” from the Music Makars.

Pieces of Eight 3/3L · J32

1c Fig8 down round 2c (1,2,3)
2c (1c following) cross between 3c, cast up, cross down between 3c again, and cast up (2,1,3)
1c (3c following) cross up between 2c, cast off, cross up between 2c again, and cast down (2,3,1)
1c Fig8 up round 3c (2,3,1)

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