Dance The Queen's Jig 2322

Also known as “The Foxhunter's Jig”, “London Bridge”, “Princess of Hesse's Jig”.

See also: Queen's Jig (3/4L, Haworth: Ashmerg)

Jig · 32 bars · 2 couples · Longwise - 4

Devised by
Walsh (18C)
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Note in Whetherly book 24 ...

Note in Whetherly book 24: The original instructions specified particular setting steps which are no longer in the Scottish repertoire. Possibly the nearest step to be used for the first sixteen bars would be the highland 'shake and travel step'.

John Walsh republished this dance with the same music under the title 'Princess of Hesse's Jig'; he also republished the same figures with different music under the titles 'London Bridge' and 'The Foxhunter's Jig'.

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