Dance The Rossington Strathspey 5696

Strathspey · 32 bars · 3 couples · Triangular   (Progression: 312)

Devised by
Bill Libby (1990)
888/888/444/888 = 87% (whole dance)
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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This dance was devised for ...

This dance was devised for, and dedicated to, Mrs. Ethel Mary Moss, mother of John Moss who was an honorary member of the Moncton Scottish Country Dance Group. It was presented and first danced at the celebration of her ninety-seventh birthday at The Auld Farm, Cap Pele, New Brunswick, Canada on October 13, 1990.

Rossington Strathspey was published in ‘Island Games’ to commemorate the 1991 Canada Winter Games playing in Charlottetown, PEI that year. It was published that same year.

The Rossington Strathspey 3T · S32

All set | keeping NHJ with P all RHA 2/3 round | All set facing in (2,3,1)
All turn P BH | open into Circle6 L 2 places | all turn P BH and face in (3,1,2)
All M fig8 in front of P and behind next W (3,1,2)
All in promhold dance Reel3, 3c Rsh to 2c. (3,1,2)

The Rossington Strathspey 3T · S32

All set, Ladies (NHJ with partner on left) dance RH across for 2 places & all set. 2 3 1
All turn partner 2H & circle 6H round for 2 places & turn partner 2H. 3 1 2
Men dance Fig 8, dancing in front of partner, behind next lady (on right, passing LSh), round partner (passing RSh) & take prom hold with partner
All dance reel of 3 across (3s in 1st place pass 2s on right RSh) 3 1 2

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