Dance The Swing of the Kilt 6424

The Swing of the Kilt 4/4L · R32

1c+2c+3c mirror Reels3 on the sides, 1c cross down to start (join hands with P when possible), on [7-8] 2c+1c finish on the midline NHJ, 1c in top place facing M side, 2c below them facing the W side.
1c+2c »Poussette with NHJ«: out on [1], ¼ turn | 1c down & 2c up on [3], ¼ turn ; into the middle on [5], W set on the spot while the M dance ½ turn to face P BHJ | 1c ½ turn and open out to face own sides while 2c falls back.
2c+1c+3c »Revolving DTr«: All set | All Petronella turn cclw one place in their triangle ; repeat twice, but the 3rd time 1c set adv towards P for
1c turn RH | cast to 4pl (3c+4c up).

Note: On [10] & [12] the M dances slightly backwards to make a sharp ¼ turn

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