Dance Stern Polka 8157

Polka · 48 bars · 1 couple · Round the room

Devised by
B M & T Edney
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Music: original tune (essentiRl), 2 ...

Music: original tune (essentiRl), 2/4 time in 3 sections. On the RSCDS CD Scottish Country Dancing Vol. 1, the music for 'C' is 8 8 bars, which is the way it is played in some areas.

Source: dance originally devised by B.M. and T. Edney. Collected by Barbara Gibbons. 276

Stern Polka The Colin Dewar Quartet Music for Collins Pocket Reference. Vol 1 CD 21 P482:37 0 [S] Linzer Polka

Stern Polka 1RR · P48

Couples round the room. Ballroom hold, men with back to centre.
Three 16 bar parts

Polka round the room, opening out to face the line of dance.
Man takes partner round the waist, his right hand in her right hand, resting on her right hip, woman's left hand on man's right shoulder; he places his left hand on left shoulder of man in front: march round circle
Let go of partner. Man faces inwards. Man stands and claps using both hands in rhythm as in note below: own thighs once, own hands twice, then hand of both neighbours at head-height (own right to right hand neighbour's left, left to left hand neighbour's right), then own hands above own head once. Repeat to end of C music. Meanwhile, women dance round outside of circle.

When A music begins again, men turn to face out ready to polka with a new partner.

At the end of the last time through, bands usually play 16 bars of A music so as to finish with a polka.

Clapping (in 2/4 rhythm) goes 1-2 -and 1-2 ; 1-2 and 1-2, etc.

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