Dance Brodie Castle 827

Jig · 32 bars · 4 couples (3x,4x) · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2413)

Devised by
John Drewry (1977)
8888 8888 8888 8008 = 87% (1 turn), 88% (whole dance)
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The dances is dedicated to ...

The dances is dedicated to Neil Grant of Dyke, Forres.

Brodie Castle 4/4L · J32

3c+4c change sides to start (1,2,3x,4x)

All set | 1c+4c turn RH, lead to the middle crossing to 2plx/3pl, and cast back to own end to face the set down/up NHJ while{8} 2c+3c cross RH, cast out to own end, cross to other side and face away from the set, joining NH with 1c/4c in lines across in 1pl/4pl.
Set in lines across | end pairs make half turns EH to bring ends of line into the centre ; set in line | turn again to put 1c+4c in the middle
1c+4c in promhold Reels3 across with the other C of its line, Rsh to the M
1c+4c in promhold pass Lsh dn/up, dance through opposite end, crossing to other side, cast to 3pl/2plx and cross RH (2,4,1x,3x)

Brodie Castle 4/4L · J32

3s & 4s on opp sides

All set, 1s turn RH, cross down to 2nd place, cast up to top & dance in to face down with nearer hands joined while 2s cross RH, cast up, cross down to own side & join 1s in a line across (2s facing up) while 3s cross RH, cast down, cross up to original sides & join 4s in a line across (3s facing down) while 4 turn RH, lead up to 3rd place crossing to other side, cast to 4th place & turn to face up with nearer hands joined
All set in line, 1/2 turn to bring outside persons into centre, set & 1/2 turn back to lines
1s & 4s (prom hold) dance RSh reels of 3 across set (1s with 2s & 4s with 3s)
1s & 4s (prom hold) dance down to bottom/up to top (Men passing LSh), drop RH, cross & cast to 2nd/3rd place then cross RH. 2 4(1)(3)

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