Dance The Three-Legged Cat 9151

Jig · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Margaret L Bailey (1991)
800/480/888/800 = 41% (whole dance)
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Dedicated to Tripod, a tortoiseshell ...

Dedicated to Tripod, a tortoiseshell and white female cat, who lost her front right leg in a motor vehicle accident. Hence, first woman does not use her right hand.

Just a note for anyone planning to do this dance in future: After the advance and retire, the first couple should be not so much simply dancing around each other as dancing a close 'gypsy turn'. The deviser writes: "The first couple are dancing the interactions between Tripod and Pinky, so dancing around is up close and glaring!" So just think of warring cats!

The Three-Legged Cat 3/4L · J32

1c A&R ; dance (gypsy) round P Rsh to place
1W+2c LHA, finishing 2c on W side and 1W in 2M place ; 1W with first 2W then 2M following cast clw round the top to 2W place, 2c finishing in 1pl (1M down on[15-16]) (2,1,3)
Reels3 on the sides, 1c Lsh to 3c, 1M finish facing out (2,1,3)
1M+1W following casts behind 3M, dance up the middle and reach top together, cast off to 2pl. (2,1,3)

The Three-Legged Cat 3/4L · J32

First couple advance for two steps and retire for two steps.
First couple dance around each other by right shoulders.
First woman with second couple dances left hands across once round and one more place to finish in second man's place, second woman in first woman's place and second man in his partner's place.
First woman, followed by second woman and second man, casts up round first man. First woman dances across the set above first couple's place and behind first woman's place to finish facing down in second woman's place, second woman dances across the set to finish facing out in first woman's place, and second man finishes facing in, in first man's place. First man steps down on bars 15-16 and faces down.
Second, first and third couples dance reels of three on the sides. First and third couples pass by left shoulder to begin. First couple finish in second place, first man facing out.
First man followed by first woman dances down around third man and up the centre between third and second couples, first woman drawing level with first man on own sides at the end of bar 30. First couple cast off into second place on own sides.

[original text as published on YouTube on 28 Sep 2015]


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