Dance Video The Brisk Young Lad (Video 1)

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The Brisk Young Lad (J48, John Drewry: Autumn Collection 1984)
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Part of a longer demo. Taken from a long distance against a confused background. Once through. Very confused beginning, especially bars 1-8 differ from the original. It is hard to follow the dance even if you know it.

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The Brisk Young Lad 5/5L · J48

1c facing 2c and 4c facing 5c Rsh Reels4 on the sides around 3c {12} ; same C's facing turn RH while{4} 3c turn LH 1 1/3 into
3W+1M+2M & 3M+4W+5W RHA, 3c pass P Rsh ; 3W+4M+5M & 3M+1W+2W LHA, 3c pass Lsh to 3pl facing out (1,2,3,4,5)
1M+2M & 4W+5W A&R while{4} 3c cast R around them, 3c pass P Rsh ; 1W+2W & 4M+5M A&R while{4} 3c dance to end of set and cast R to 3pl.
All Circle10 and back
1c set advancing and lead down to bottom while{4} 2c+3c+4c+5c set and cast up 1 place ; All turn RH. (2,3,4,5,1)

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