Dance Video The Cape Breton Hornpipe (Video 1)

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The Cape Breton Hornpipe (R32, Charlie Inglis: 25 Dances for 25 Years)
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Very poor lighting but excellent dancing. Twice through, only the first time through shows the dancing clearly.

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The Cape Breton Hornpipe 4/4L · R32

3s & 4s on opp sides

1s & 4s cross RH & cast in 1 place, set & dance 1/2 LH across end giving RH to nearest corner
All Balance in St Andrews cross formation & 4s also 1s turn corners into centre, balance & turn corners back to places & end facing corners
4s & 1s dance DoSiDo with corners, 4s & 1s dance RSh round corner back into middle
4s+1s dance RH across & end 1s facing down & 4s up, dance out ends crossing & cast in 1 place. 2 4(1)(3)

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