Dance Video Culla Bay (Video 4)

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Culla Bay (S32, Ann Dix: RSCDS XLI 2)
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In this video, published by the RSCDS archives, Ann Dix tells in detail about the origin of this dance, its name and the music. First small parts of the dance are shown. The dance is shown in full twice, starting at 3:01 and 5:04.

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Culla Bay 4S · S32

1c+3c turn RH ½ with person opposite, face that person | twirl R and into opposite place ; 2c+4c repeat this and face in while{4} 1c+3c (W leading) chase ¼ clw | curve into centre and swivel R to face out (1c facing 4pl and 3c facing 2pl)
Parallel Reels4 across
2c+1c & 3c+4c circle4 L ; face other couple and set | ½ RHA, flowing into
2c+4c LHA in the middle ; dance out passing same sex standing dancer on the side Rsh, and chase R (M leading) to 1pl/3pl (to 2,3,4,1).

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