Dance Video Fisherman's Reel (Video 6)

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Fisherman's Reel (R32, Petyt, Sue / Gamon, Jane: Dunblane Holiday)
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Part of a larger demo. 3 times through. Good view, from the side.

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Fisherman's Reel 5S · R32

Square set plus 5M / 5W in middle face P with backs to 4c / 2c

1c+2c+3c+4c circle8 and back while{8} 5c turn RH ; turn LH 1½
5M+2c & 5W+4c RHA ; 5M+1c & 5W+3c LHA
1c+5M+2c & 3c+5W+4c (couples in promhold) Reels3 Rsh to side couple, 5c meets (5M swivels L) and takes promhold facing 1c
(all C promhold) 5c+1c change places Rsh | 1c+4c repeat ; 4c+3c repeat | 3c+2c repeat, 2c is the new centre couple.

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