Dance Video Largo Bay (Video 1)

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Largo Bay (S48, John Drewry: Spring Collection (1988))
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Part of a longer demo, with 8 couples dancing a compound choreography based on this dance. Nice to look at, danced at demo level, but of no use for learning or following Largo bay

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Largo Bay 4/4L · S48

On 2nd chord step into »Glasgow Highlanders« position :(1c+3c on M side facing 2c+4c on L side, all M on L of W)

All turn P RH ¼ {1} into Reels4 across (finishing W at ends facing P in middle)
All set to P | W set again while{} M petronella R to form diamond ; 1c+2c & 3c+4c Circle4 L, to orig. places
2c+3c cross over passing opp. Lsh. and cast left (M leading) to other C's place, turn P ½ LH into Promenade diagonally across back to place passing other C Lsh
1c+4c repeat in mirror pattern (cross Rsh, W leading, ½ RH turn, pass Rsh.)
Circle8 to L (turning P BH on {5-6}) finish facing P up/dn
All set to P and turn RH ½ ; ½ Rsh Reels4 in sideline. (couples have changed places on sideline)

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