Dance Video The New Rigged Ship (Video 1)

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The New Rigged Ship (J48, RSCDS IX 7)
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8 times through, good dancing. However, all first couples are slow to dance up on [31-32], so that they are late for setting to the corners. Note that the Manual recommends a phrasing that disagrees with the book 9 description.

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The New Rigged Ship 3/4L · J48

1c+2c circle4 and back
1c+2c+3c Rsh Reels3 on the sides
1c lead down the middle and up (1,2,3)
1c cross RH, cast off {3}, cross LH, cast off {3} | lead up
1c cast off to face 1cnr (2c up) | set to 1cnr | to 2cnr
2c+1c+3c Reels3{6} (Rsh to 2cnr) on the sides | 1c cross (2,1,3)

Note on 9-16: TACnotes says Rsh reels ; Foss in »Sundry writings anent SCD« says historically they were mirror reels

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