Dance Video The Wapenshaw (Video 1)

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The Wapenshaw (J32, John Drewry: Summer Collection, Set 10)
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The Wapenshaw 4/4L · J32

3c+4c cross over on 2nd chord (1,2,3x,4x)

1c+4c, starting inwards, Fig8 on own sideline round the middle couples
1c+4c turn RH 1½ and face out ; cast to middle (2c+3c step to end) | 1c+4c ½RHA, finish in promhold with other partner facing 2M & 3M
Pairs in promhold Rsh Reel3 on the sidelines, finish in sideline facing out between the »corners«
1c+4c give outside hands to corners and turn ½ | cross over inwards to 3pl (2pl) while{2} corners cast back to the ends ; turn the new corners once round with the other hand to finish (2,4,1x,3x)

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