Dance Video Rye Twist (Video 1)

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Rye Twist (R32, Sue McKinnell: RSCDS XLVIII 5)
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Martina Mueller-Franz (Aug. 7, 2014, 7:12 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Rye Twist 5/5L · R32

1M2C dance Half Lsh Reel3 across ;
1L2C also 1M3C dance Half Rsh Reel3 across. (1L pass 2L / 1M pass 3M to begin). 2C end in top pl.
1L3C also 1M4C dance Half Lsh Reel3 across (1L pass 3M / 1M pass 4L to begin)
3C end in 2pl.
1L4C also 1M5C dance Half Rsh Reel3 across (1L pass 4L and 1M pass 5M to begin) 4C end in 3pl.
1L5C dance Half Lsh Reel3 across (1L pass 5M to begin). 1L end in 4Ls pl. while 1M cast up round 5L position and dance across to own side in 4pl. 5C end home.
1C5C dance LH Across half round, cross LH w/ LH to own side.
All set, crossover Rh ; set and cross back RH. (2 3 4 5 1)

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