Dance Video Mary Stewart Strathspey (Video 1)

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Mary Stewart Strathspey (S32, Mary Shoolbraid Brandon / Stewart Smith: 25th Anniversary 1966-1991 [Los Angeles])
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Martina Mueller-Franz (Feb. 17, 2015, 10:25 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Marjorie McLaughlin writes: There are three mistakes in the video and, as they are done the same way by all of the dancers, I assume it was taught incorrectly, as opposed to a mistake by a single couple.

Bars 1 - 2 the ladies dance a Petronella turn to face partners on a diagonal line. In the video the gentlemen are moving slightly right and left to form a straight line, which is incorrect.

Bars 5-8 the turns are Right Hand turns, not two-hand turns as shown in the video.

Bars 29-32 both couples turn partner Right Hands to face ready for the next repetition, not two-hand turns as shown in the video.

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Mary Stewart Strathspey 2RR · S32

Ladies petronella turn into centre to face partner & set & turn RH back to places
Dance 'R&L' using 2H (rotate clockwise each time)
Inner dancers dance out between partners (who dance in & follow them) & cast away from each other to form large circle
All advance 2 steps & retire
Each set dances 1/2 RSh reel of 4 & turn partner RH to face next couple

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