Dance Video "Deer" Friends (Video 1)

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"Deer" Friends (S32, Bob Anderson: The Saint Martin Coll. of New Scottish Country Dances Vol 1)
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Dora Dempster (Oct. 26, 2015, 1:37 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The dance "Deer" Friends was devised by Bob Anderson and created for a workshop delivered in Red Deer, Alberta. It is demonstrated here by dancers from the the Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Society where Bob teaches.

Danced once through only.

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"Deer" Friends 3/4L · S32

1c cross down RH (2c up), cast behind 3c, cross RH and cast up | turn P LH and join RH with 3cnr into diagonal line
1c+3cnrs set R (change hands with cnr) {1}, 1c+3cnrs turn LH ½, 1c joining RH in middle {1} | 3cnrs set along the diagonal while{2} 1c set R {1} and turn LH ½ to face 3cnr {1} ; ½ Reel4 on 1diag, finish on 2diag, 1c LHJ to P and RHJ to 4cnr
Repeat [9-16] with 4cnrs, 1c at the end crossing LH to (3x,1x,2x)
All S&Link3 twice (2,1,3)

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