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Welcome to Nerja (J48, Betty MacKenzie: 9 for 90 RSCDS Aberdeen Branch 90th Anniversary 6)
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Anselm Lingnau (Nov. 13, 2015, 11:55 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Ian F Russell writes:

“It would appear that the Aberdeen Dem team have the last 8 bars wrong!!!

The 4 individual arches figures are each 2 bars.

In the dem, the dancers making the arch who are coming out from the middle are actually using 4 bars, except for the last change (2nd cpl and 1st cpl).

In the Dem, dancers coming out from the middle during the first 3 changes use an "extra" 2 bars for the woman to turn under while the next two cpls do their arch figure (ie it becomes a "meanwhile" for these dancers)

The last two cpls to change places have to change on the last 2 bars of the dance and so do not have any music to "borrow"!

But Jim [Stott, teacher from Aberdeen] tells me that all 4 changes should be "complete" (and the women turned under into place) in 2 bars!

Jim writes:

The end is in two bar phrases.

5s make an arch 4s go under. 5th lady goes in front of her of her partner under his right arm to 4th place.

4s make an arch 3s go under. 4th lady goes in front of her partner under his arm.

3s Make an arch 2s go under. 3rd lady goes in front of her partner under his arm.

2s make an arch 1s go under. 2nd lady passes in front of her partner under his arm.”

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Welcome to Nerja 5S · J48

5s in centre facing 1s

1s+2s+3s+4s promenade round clockwise as 5s turn RH & turn LH
5s+1s dance RH across, 5L dances RSh round 1M & across to face 3M as 5M dances RSh round 1L & across to face 3L
5s+3s dance LH across, 5L dances LSh round 3M & round to face 4M as 5M dances LSh round 3L & round to face 4L
5s dance parallel reels of 3 across with 4s+2s (LSh to 4s to start) & end facing 1s
5s dance parallel reels of 3 up/down with 1s+3s (RSh to 1s to start) & end facing 4s
5s make an arch & dance out, crossing (5L dancing under 5M arm) into 4th place as 4s dance under arch curving to right to face 3s. Repeat with 3s, 2s & 1s to end with 1s in centre

Note: after bar 8 all the subsequent figures start with 5M facing a Lady, 5L facing a Man

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