Dance Video Dark Lochnagar (Video 1)

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Dark Lochnagar (S32, Iain Boyd: Scottish Dance Archives)
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Eric Ferguson (Nov. 27, 2016, 6:40 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Published on Nov 20, 2016

The deviser writes: In this video the dance is performed incorrectly. The original instructions clearly state that first woman and second man pass by right shoulders to finish the reel of four across. This allows dancers to flow from the reel of four into the 'little spiral'. PLEASE, do not teach dances from a crib unless you already have danced it, and, even then, double check with the original instructions. This plea applies to all dances not just mine.

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Dark Lochnagar 2/4L · S32

1c+2c S&Link ; S&Link , 1W & 2M finish facing out (1,2)
Reel4 across (1M pass 2W Lsh) , at end 1W+2M cross Rsh (1,2)
1c+2c advance to P [1], spiral R to place [1] | cross Rsh to opposite side ; advance diagonally [1]. spiral R back [1] ; chase half round to (2,1)

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