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Dance Video Over the Volcano (Video 2)

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Over the Volcano (R32, Tim Eyres: Ox2K)
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Eric Ferguson (March 3, 2017, 1:27 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Published on 13 Jun 2016 Danced by OUSDS: The Oxford University Scottish Dance Society

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Over the Volcano 5/5L · R32
2c & 4c set advancing to centre finishing facing own sides BtoB with P into DTr position **while{2} 1c+3c+5c Petronella turn one place cclw round the set | all continue the DTr with Petronella {6}. 2c & 4c in centre face 1cnrs (3W,1W,1M on Mside, 5W,5M,3M on Wside)
½ Reels4 on 1diag, pass P RSh ; ½ Reels4 on 2diag, pass P RSh to face 3cnrs[pos]
All repeat same pattern [9–16] to finish as on [1]
Top two couples ½ RHA _while** last couple turn P LH ½ (to 2x,1x,4x,3x,5x) | top couple turn P R ½ while last two couples ½ LHA (to 2,4,1,5,3) ; all repeat same pattern [25–28] (4,5,2,3,1)

Deviser’s note : 2nd couple and 4th couple are dancing couples. In bars 25–32 it is important that, at the end of every two bars, everyone continues dancing in the direction they are facing, rather than turning away to the sides.

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