Dance Video Kitty's Happy Return (Video 1)

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Kitty's Happy Return (S40, Dorothy Bell: Belfast Branch 40th Anniversary)
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Stuart Kreloff (July 6, 2017, 12:49 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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At 01:58 for double figures of eight, Couple in 3rd place should cast off and Couple in 4th place should cross up At 02:11 the entry for the Rondel should be more fluid At 03:08 for the double figures of eight, man in 3rd Man's position should cast off At 04:08 for the half rights and lefts, lady in 1st Man's position should cross At 04:34 the entry for the Rondel should be more fluid At 04:39 in the Rondel, ladies should use nearer hand

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Kitty's Happy Return 4/4L · S40

1s & 4s cross RH, cast in 1 place & dance RH across in centre
2s & 3s repeat
All set, 1s+2s also 3s+4s dance 1/2 R&L, all set
2s+1s also 4s+3s dance double Fig of 8 (1s & 4s cast to start)
1s+4s dance the Rondel

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