Dance Video Mrs Stuart Linnell (Video 2)

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Mrs Stuart Linnell (R40, John Bayly: Imperial Book of Scottish Country Dances - Volumes 1-3)
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Eric Ferguson (Sept. 10, 2017, 11:44 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Mrs Stuart Linnell 3/4L · R40

1c set | cast (2c up) ; all set | 1c petronella to centre, facing out BtoB while{2} 2M+3W cast (Lsh back) to face them in line across while{2} 2W+3M petronella (2W up, 3M down) to midline facing each other
2M+1c+3W ½Reel4 across ; after passing Lsh 1c turn LH ¾ | 2W+1W & 1M+3M turn RH ½ and face that person
1W+2W+3M+1M ½Reel4 on midline ; after passing Lsh 3M+2W turn LH ¾ | 2W+3W & 2M+3M turn RH ½ and face that person
2W+3W+2M+3M ½Reel4 across ; All set | 1c set, turning R about while{2} 2W+3W & 2M+3M turn RH ¾, all face clw round the set
All ½ chase clw ; 2c+3c continue chase while{4} 1c turn RH to (2,1,3)

(Hint: In all ½ turns and ½Reels face dancer of own sex).

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