Dance Video Sixteensome Reel (Video 2)

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Sixteensome Reel (R464, RSCDS VI 12)
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Nameless Dancer (Sept. 23, 2017, 1:46 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Instructional tutorial by Reelers. The dance differs from the RSCDS dance of the same name.

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Sixteensome Reel 8S · R464

8 couples, W on R, form square; two C to each side, all face in; »odd« C (1,3,5,7) on the R, »even« C (2,4,6,8) on the L.
Part A

All Circle16 and back
Sides join NH into big star RHA once round with W 1,3,5,7 in the centre, finish »odd« Cs in inner square, »even« Cs outside them
All set twice to P ; Turn P BH
Concentric G Chains, 2 bars/hand, the »inner square« with PdB, »outer square« with Sk-Change

Part B

in centre 1W + 5W set twice ; Tulloch turn while{8} the others Circle14 and back
1W+5W set to and turn P ; 1W+6M & 5W+2M set and turn
1W+1M+6M & 5W+5M+2M Opposing Reels3
Repeat [1-8], using the other arm for the Tulloch turn
1W+8M & 5W+4M (W with their corners) set and turn ; 1W+3M & 5W+7M set and turn
1W+3M+8M & 5W+7M+4M Opposing Reels3, finish in own position

Repeat all part B with successively 2W+6W, 3W+7W, 4W+8W in centre. For the first Tulloch turn, the »odd« C use R arm, the 'even« couples L arm.
Repeat all part B with successively 1M+5M, 2M+6M, 3M+7M, 4M+8M in centre
Repeat part A

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