Dance Video Eilean Donan Castle (Video 2)

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Eilean Donan Castle (J48, Arnold Grime: Tower Collection)
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Eric Ferguson (Oct. 15, 2017, 12:15 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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MacLennan Scottish Group, dancing the "Eilean Donan Castle" set in Marjamaa, Estonia in August 2013, as guests of group Hopsani. This was part of a wonderful final concert,featuring groups from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, and many local Estonian Groups.

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Eilean Donan Castle 3T · J48

Retain the basic triangular shape throughout

1c lead between 2c & 3c | cross and cast up round them ; cross Rsh 1M to face 2c and 1W to face 3c | all set
2c & 3c make arches as 1c dances under, cast off | 1c meet & turn RH ; cast up round outside of set (1M behind 2c, 1W behind 3c) to original positions
All C Petronella Turn to partners and set ; repeat to finish in P's place
All M chase 1/3 clw while{4} all W 2/3 LHA ; join RH with P and set in star, all C turn RH ½
All W chase 1/3 clw while{4} all M 2/3 LHA ; join RH with P and set in star, all C turn ¾ RH (to 2,3,1)
All circle6 and back

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