Dance Video The Loch Ness Monster (Video 1)

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The Loch Ness Monster (R32, Iain Boyd: A Second Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances)
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Andrew Locke (Jan. 23, 2018, 11:24 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
Quality (of the dancing)
Reasonable (What does this mean?)

Some parts of the video show the feet only. All turns are made using linked elbows rather than L or R hands.

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The Loch Ness Monster 1C · R32

Circle with partner on Man's right

All circle 8H round & back
All turn partners RH, all turn partners LH & end facing »corner« person
All turn corners RH, all turn corners LH & end joining hands with »corner« in Promenade hold facing anticlockwise (Lady on Man's right)
All Promenade round to finish in circle

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