Dance Video The Wedding Toast (Video 1)

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The Wedding Toast (R96, Kate Gentles and Paul Suttie)
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Jacmel Dent (July 28, 2018, 2:10 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The first two bars of the music/video are missing.

Music by Christina Hood, Stelios Christodoulou and Kevin Williams.

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The Wedding Toast 4S · R96

All dancers hold a glass of whisky in LH

1- 8
All dance 1/2 grand chain (1 bar to cross, 1 bar to change glass to other hand ) finish with glass in LH
All turn partner RH 3 bars, change glass to RH, turn partner LH 3 bars, men change glass to LH
3s+1s advance, clink glasses with opposite, retire
3s+1s set to partner, Ladies change glass to LH, cross RH and face out in longwise set while 2s+4s advance, clink glasses with opposite, chase anticlockwise 1/4 round to face out between ends (4s up, 2s down) Ladies change glass to LH. 3 (4) 2 (1)
3s+4s also 2s+1s dance full double Fig of 8 (3s & 1s cast, 2s & 4s cross out through ends, give hands when crossing, changing glasses as required. All finish with glass in LH
All Ladies advance (2 bars), dance RSh round partner to face them (4 bars), give glass to partner, retire
All Ladies set (highland steps)
All Men advance (2 bars), dance RSh round partner to face them (4 bars), give both glasses to partner, retire
All Men set (highland steps)
1s & 3s advance while 4s & 2s 1/2 turn RSh, All facing partner Ladies return glass (RH) to Men’s LH
3s+4s also 2s+1s dance RH across, after 3 bars 2M & 4M peel off to finish ready for:
All dance double RH across, men with R arm round partner’s waist (all with glass in LH). Finish in square set opposite original places
Repeat bars 1-16. Chord: bow/curtsey, clinking glasses - and drink

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