Dance Video Postie's Jig (Video 5)

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Postie's Jig (J32, Roy Clowes: Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two)
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Eric Ferguson (Dec. 8, 2012, 7:53 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
Quality (of the dancing)
Informal/Social (RSCDS) (What does this mean?)

Fun dance: the fourth man is replaced by a broom. The arches are made such that the broom always passes under.

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Postie's Jig 4/4L · J32

1c+4c set, cast to middle positions (2c+3c step to end) ; 1c&4c ½ Fig8 round end C (2,1x,4x,3)
1M+4M and 1W+4W cross NHJ, (W under men's arch), turn cnr ¾ with 'free' hand ; 1c facing 4c change places NHJ (arch going up), turn cnr as before
Repeat (Men's arch ; arch going up)
1c+4c ½ R&L ; turn P RH

Note that both times the couple moving UP makes the arch.

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