Dance Video Aird of Coigach (Video 2)

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Aird of Coigach (J48, John Bayly: Imperial Book of Scottish Country Dances - Volumes 1-3)
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Aird of Coigach 4/4L · J48

All four men cross above P, cast below 4W and back up own side to 4,3,2,1
All circle8 and back, end in a square set, with the dancers spaced equally around the circle.
1M+LH person (=2M) & 1W+LH person (=2W) dance as pairs diagonally across the circle (1M pair forms arch, 1W pair passes under) through opposite places, divide and 1M & 1W cast R to pick up next person on left in the circle ; 1W+3M & 1M+3W repeat across
1W+4W & 1M+4M repeat diagonally ; 1W+2M & 1M+2W repeat up and down
Top and bottom couples cross RH to start 4 changes of a snow ball chain, to finish Men 2,3,4,1 and Women 1,4,3,2
All women cross below opposite man, cast up round top and down own side to longwise set 2,3,4,1

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