Dance Video Buttermilk Falls (Video 1)

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Buttermilk Falls (S32, Rod Downey: The Cane Toad Collection)
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Rod Downey (Oct. 6, 2018, 9:22 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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This video is of the earlier 3C/4L version of this dance. Bars 1-8 and 17-24 are unchanged but in bars 9-16 the order of setting and moving is exchanged and bars 25-32 are completely different.

Buttermilk Falls is a beautiful series of waterfalls in Ithaca. I seem to remember the elements of the dance were inspired by the shapes in the water. This was danced in Tawa in 1993, here for the first time. It does have elements I would no longer put in dances. Resurrected from VHS by John Patterson. Music by Peter Elmes.

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Buttermilk Falls 3/3L · S32

1c+2c Circle4 L while{4} 3c set | turn BH ; 1M+2M+3M Circle3 L while{4} 1W+2W+3W ½ Reel3 on side, 1W & 2W passing RSh
All set | 1c Petronella turn to midline while{2} 2M+3M & 3W+2W Petronella turn in tandem to 3pl/1pl ; all set, ends NHJ | 1c Petronella turn while{2} 2M+3M & 3W+2W Petronella turn in tandem (2W,3W,1W on Mside, 1M,3M,2M on Wside)
2W+3W+1W Circle3 L while{4} 1M+3M+2M ½ Reel3 on side, 1M & 3M passing RSh ; all turn BH twice (2x,3x,1x)
All set | all La Baratte (2,3,1)

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