Dance Video The Elephant's Stampede (Video 3)

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The Elephant's Stampede (J48, Lorna Macdonald & Gillian Mackintosh: Aurora 10th Anniversary Book of SCD)
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Jacmel Dent (Nov. 11, 2018, 11:28 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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According to the original instructions, only the Women set on bars 27-28 and 31-32. However, a variant description exists that says "All Set". That is the version used in this video. That is why this video is not classified as "demonstration quality".

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The Elephant's Stampede 4S · J48

All circle8 and back
1c+3c advance NHJ | take corner with free hand and retire into longwise set across ; ½Reels4 on sides
½ R&L at each end (start across) ; both pairs of dancers at the ends and both middle pairs of the sidelines turn RH 1½ to form a square set, (ends to 2pl/4pl, middles to 1pl/3pl)
All W petronella to next W place cclw | all W set ; repeat, finishing next to P, and face out on last step (2,3,4,1)
Schiehallion reels (to 2,3,4,1)

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