Dance Video St Andrew's of Brampton (Video 2)

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St Andrew's of Brampton (R32, Ann Campbell: RSCDS XXXVII 5)
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Roland Telle (Dec. 27, 2018, 9:58 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Informal/Social (RSCDS) (What does this mean?)

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St Andrew's of Brampton 4/4L · R32

1c+4c cross RH, cast to middle (2c+3c to ends) ; 1c+4c RHA
1c+4c Pick up cnrs LH and continue double wheel half round ; set to cnrs, change place with cnr LH
2c+3c (middles) pick up new cnrs for ½ RHA in double wheel ; set to cnrs and change place using sideline hand to finish in end places with 1c+4c in the middle NHJ facing ends
1c+4c dance through ends, cast to middle ; ½ R&L (2,4,1,3)

note: the set keeps a longwise shape

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