Dance Video Angus MacLeod (Video 2)

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Angus MacLeod (R64, Alex T Queen: Angus MacLeod)
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Jane Rose (Jan. 11, 2019, 7:46 p.m.) – Source: Vimeo
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Part of a longer demonstration so no chord with bows or curtseys before start, but it is the full dance from the beginning.

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Angus MacLeod 4/4L · R64

When setting in the centre, the turn is on the second PdB

2c+3c (called »centres«) dance in and face diagonally in | set NHJ with turn R to face 1c+4c (= »cnrs«) ; all pass Rsh and face in diagonally | all set, cnrs swiveling R to face out
All pass Rsh and face in diagonally | all set, centres turning R about ; cnrs turn centres RH
Centres LHA to face own cnrs again ; intersecting diagonal Reels4{12} (use ½ LHA in {2} to pass in the middle)
Centres change places with P LH (2W & 3M polite turn) to face new cnrs, set to cnrs ; turn that cnr by outside hand (centres pass through top/bottom of the set) back to centre facing each other diagonally
centres set and 4 spring points ; repeat
Centres dance (NHJ) out at own ends and cast round to centre again facing diagonally in ; set and 4 points
Centres dance (NHJ) out at opposite ends (3c make arch for 2c) | cast L (NHJ) (2c round 4W and 3c round 1M), and on to own end of set (cnrs step in to centre places, to order 2,1,4,3)

Repeat once with new centres and cnrs
In some areas the inner dancers who pass to corners stay facing out, and swivel to face inwards during the setting.

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