Dance Video A Canonbie Ceilidh (Video 1)

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A Canonbie Ceilidh (R40, Caroline Bradshaw / Ian Brockbank: 50th Anniversary Collection of Scottish Country Dances (1947-1997) [New Scotland])
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Various versions of this dance exist. This video, the final part of a longer demo, shows a 32-bar version, twice through; the men dancing the figure of 8 round the women the first time, the women dancing the figure the second time. After the arches all couples set. The music and the dancing are not precisely in sync.

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A Canonbie Ceilidh 1C · R40

Large circle round the room, M has P on his R

All circle L and back
All M Rsh Fig8 round P and the W to his L
All W Lsh Fig8 round P and the M on her R
With NHJ in large circle all A&R ; All advance NHJ | W swivel L and join BH with P, chasing him as he retires to smaller circle (M face in, W out)
All C dance BtoB, men making arches
All look R, join that new partner (with whom they just passed Rsh) and birl, finishing in the large circle.

(Devisers’ note: as originally published the M moved inside on [29-32]. Then they can’t hold the arches for [33-36])

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