Dance Video The World Wide Web (Video 1)

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The World Wide Web (J32, Murrough Landon)
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Murrough Landon (May 12, 2019, 1:16 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The World Wide Web 5/5L · J32

On 2nd chord, 2c & 4c cross to opposite sides (1,2x,3,4x,5)

1c+2c & 3c+4c ½ RHA | 1c+4c ½ LHA (2,4x,1,3x,5) ; 1,2,3 pl M side & 3,4,5 pl W side S&Link3 while{4} 4,5 pl M side & 1,2 pl W side S&Link2 to end in crown triangles top & bottom and zigzag in middle
All set | drop RH and turn LH into DDtr ; all set | drop LH and turn RH back into DDTr
All set | 5c+2c ½ turn LH while{2} 1c cast LSh back to crown triangles top & bottom and zigzag in middle ; top & bottom (approx) S&Link3 while{4} middle 4 drop LH & (approx) S&Link2 to the sidelines (4,5x,1,2x,3)
All circle 10H round and back
In [9-24] those not otherwise active continue setting

(No diagram available.)