Dance Video Harry And The Harem (Video 1)

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Harry And The Harem (J32, Bev Bayliss: Melbourne Dance Book)
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Nils Jäger (May 21, 2019, 11:43 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Harry And The Harem 4pS · J32

This dance is for 1 Man & 3 women in a square set ; clw M, 1W (together the »top«), 2W, 3W. .It can also be danced in a »2- or 3-harem« longwise set.

Man leads 1W down the middle and up, 1W turning R for
All RHA, finish facing in, close to the centre ; All pull Rsh back, dance through own place & chase one place clw, M & 3W meet in centre facing down
M+3W in Promhold 6-bar reel across with 1W+2W (Lsh to 1W) | M leaves 3W in M position and dances diagonally into 2W position as 1W finishes in own place.
All half R&L ; All turn the person opposite RH

The W have progressed one position cclw. M repeats with 2W, then with 3W
Dedicated to Harry Robertson for his unsurpassed generosity in squiring and partnering as many ladies as possible at the same time !!!!!

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