Dance Video The Dunedin Festival Dance (Video 1)

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The Dunedin Festival Dance (R32, Derek Haynes: Dunedin Dances Book 4)
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Once through only. In the final promenade tho dancers leave the hall.

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The Dunedin Festival Dance 3T · R32

Form groups of 3 couples in a circle with each M to left of P

All circle6 and back
All dance BtoB with P ; All turn P RH
All wheel RH (take hands on diameter) ; on bar 21 the W whose hand is lowest moves under to join new P, on bar 23 next W moves under to join new P
All three »new free couples« Promenade to anywhere in the room to form trio with 2 other couples.

Presented to the Dunedin Dancers in 1991; only bars 9-16 differ from the Borrowdale Exchange

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