Dance Video Dochroyle (Video 1)

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Dochroyle (J32, Ian Simmonds: The Linden Collection)
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Ilana Steiner (July 8, 2019, 2:06 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Twice through; part of a longer display. In this demonstation the orientation of the set is changed between the two repeats of the dance.

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Dochroyle 2/4L · J32

1L casts off below 2L while 2M casts up round 1M. 1L, 2M turn RH 1½ to return to place.
1M casts off below 2M while 2L casts up round 1L. 1M, 2L turn LH 1¼ to face partner on the sides (men facing up, ladies facing down).
1C, 2C change places with a modified poussette movement: 1C progress up the side, 2C progress down the side ¼ turn progress across the set ¼ turn progress up or down ¼ turn into the centre ¼ turn to fnish in a line in the centre of the set (men facing up, ladies facing down)
2C, 1C dance a reel of 4. All dance out to own sides on bars 31–32, 1M following 2M from the bottom of the reel and 2L following 1L from the top of the reel.

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