Dance Video The Spinning Top (Video 1)

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The Spinning Top (R32, Viktor Lehmann)
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SchloBDancers Heidelberg (Aug. 14, 2019, 1:37 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Recorded at Summer School 2017, Old Dining Room, University of St Andrews. Dancers: Fiona Carroll, Fiona Mackie, Liz Douglas, Maria Elena Bonacini, Malcolm Taylor Hansen, Kristian Vestli, Markus Daub, Viktor Lehmann (devisor). Video taken by Rachel Shankland.

Once through.

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The Spinning Top 4/4L · R32

1s cast into 2nd place (2s step up on bars 3+4).
1s TR to face out while 4s set, then cross up left hand to finish with 4M behind 1L and 4L behind 1M, facing out.
RS tandem reels of three on the side lines with 1M+4L and 1L+4M; 4s shorten their reels to end between couples, 4M facing down, 4L facing up
2s+3s: set and rotate reverse (chase 1 place clockwise, XR with partner on sidelines, chase 1 place clockwise, set turning on the spot) while 1s cast around third corner and tulloch turn 1 3/4 to sidelines own side while 4s tulloch turn 1 3/4 to own sidelines, cast around third corner pos.
1s+4s half RA, 1s cast into 4th place while 4s keep hands and TR 3/4 to sidelines. At the the end of bar 28, all clap.
1s+4s XR to own sides, all join hands on the sideline and set.

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