Dance Video 6-O and a Dog (Video 1)

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6-O and a Dog (J32, Viktor Lehmann)
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SchloBDancers Heidelberg (Aug. 14, 2019, 2:14 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Recorded during November Course 2017 @ Kuckucksnest, Schlüchtern, Germany. Dancers: Volha Bryl, Anika Lange, Angelika Schmidkonz, Ralf Bolte, Markus Daub, Viktor Lehmann (devisor). By mistake, the choice of music wasn't correct (a reel of wrong length was put on instead of a jig). Check description for minor choreography errors.

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6-O and a Dog 3/3L · J32

1s+3s set, then 1/2 RA, while 2s XR and cast to their right to end between cpls (2L facing down, 2M between facing up)
Half circle to the left
From lines across, set & link for three to sidelines
All chase halfway round clw
2s TR 1/2, stay facing one another in the middle. Both set, with 2M turning on the spot to face ladies‘ side, 2L firmly putting fists on her hips while setting. 2M leading a chase around his 1st crnr pos, 2s to end on own side in 3rd place (cpl in 3rd plc step up on 23+24).
2L+3M XR to change places and set, while 3L+2M chase half way round the set clw while 1s set and cross right hand
Half circle to the left (3 1 2)

On bars 1, 9 and 25, everyone shouts „six“. On bars 5, 13 and 29, everyone shouts „oh“. On bars 19, 19 1/2 and 20, the corners stomp 3x with the right foot and hands in their hips, shouting „Walk the dog“.

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