Dance Video Neighbourliness (Video 1)

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Neighbourliness (S48, Murrough Landon)
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Murrough Landon (Sept. 8, 2019, 12:13 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Neighbourliness 4S · S48

All set to P | turn cnr LH & face P | ½ turn P RH, 1c & 3c end facing out in promhold
1c+2M+4W & 3c+4M+2W RSh Reels3 across, 2c & 4c end taking promhold as 1c & 3c separate
2c+1W+3M & 4c+3W+1M RSh Reels3 up/down, 2c & 4c end in centre, 1c & 3c curve away from P to plx
2c+4c ½ RHA | 2M+4W & 4M+2W chase{4} LSh round 3W/1W, in through 3c/1c to face P in centre | set retiring while{2} 1c & 3c set adv
1c+3c ½ RHA | 1M+3W & 3M+1W chase{4} LSh round 4W/2W, in through sides to face P in centre | set retiring while{2} 2M+4W & 4M+2W set
All turn cnr 1½ BH (2,3,4,1) ; circle8 ½ way to L (4,1,2,3)

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